The Outdoor Wedding, Rustic Chic or Not So Chic…
Many brides and grooms these days are looking to bring elements of the
outdoors into their weddings.  We like to
use the term “rustic chic” to describe these weddings that incorporate things
such as mason jars, burlap, and a barn-like feel.  In doing a “rustic chic”  or “country chic” wedding clients are
looking for non – traditional venues, i.e. tents, barns, farms, camps, vineyards,
etc.   Which leads us to think – what are
some things to consider when deciding between a completely woodsy wedding versus
a woodsy-feeling wedding?




1. Hiring the Best Vendors
       For some couples and outdoor “rustic chic” or “country chic” wedding is creating venue from scratch, which would typically mean a tent wedding. Having a great crew that can create a venue from thin air is always a great start!


2.       Mother Nature

If you get lucky enough to have the sun shining, you are already doing
great, but you must always have a feasible rain plan that fits all the event
needs, photos, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.  When dealing with Mother Nature remember she is in charge! Humid or Wet Means Mosquitos! Bees, Wasps and Hornets means, possible allergic reactions if stung. Bad rain the night before means mud and puddles, these are all elements your guests must deal with, and you have to remember yes it is your day but you are creating an experience for your guests! What is Plan B and C?


this going to work for your guests?

Some brides and grooms have
families that spend every waking hour outdoors, truly loving the outdoor experience.
Others have families try to avoid the woods at all costs.  When deciding whether or not to have an outdoor wedding it is important to consider what you want, but also
what will create a fun atmosphere for your friends and family.  Also, if you are having some guests with
mobility issues that require them to use a cane, be on crutches, in a
wheel-chair, etc., having a completely outdoor wedding can become a real
challenge for them.  They might not be
able to hike up the path in the woods to your ceremony location, or may need to
have access to air-conditioning or an outlet. You may loose some of these
guests early as they are not entirely comfortable.  Some of these non-traditional venues do not
have heat or air conditioning, this is SUPER important to consider when making
your final decisions about location and style of your event as well.




We recommend that any non-traditional outdoor weddings
purchase wedding insurance – it is a very cost-effective way to make sure that
if anything prohibits the event from happening (or mother nature gets in the
way) you are covered.  While we suggest
always getting wedding insurance no matter the location of your event, it is
something you definitely want to get if you are having a non-traditional
outdoor wedding (think: camp, vineyard, etc.) so that if mother nature does act
out, you are covered.  One option for
wedding insurance is Traveler’s.



Regardless of which rustic-chic option you choose, having a
wedding planner help you throughout your planning process will make your life
way more stress-free, and will insure that every detail is thought of and
executed to make your special day perfect.



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