Wadsworth Mansion, and my DIY Bride!

Meet my Fabulous 2014 DIY Couple, Lisa and Greg. They were married in October of 2014 at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown CT. As their Month of Event Coordinator Lisa and Greg utilized my services to provide them with support in creating the final event timeline, the last minute event details, running the ceremony rehearsal at the rehearsal dinner, and of course being their on the day of their wedding to Set up and Break down all the fabulous DIY Projects, and run the ceremony and the day. Lisa and Greg were kind enough to review my services on WeddingWire

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The DIY bride and why you may need a wedding planner…

  Congratulations, you have been working so very hard on your DIY Wedding! You have an amazing Pinterest Board to inspire you, the wedding has taken over the dining room table and your living room is full of labeled boxes filled with all your hard work. You have  been making daily trips to the craft store and the UPS Driver knows you by name. It is all coming together!     So now what? Have you thought about how to execute your terrific ideas and your design concepts on the wedding day?     Many couples think, “this is no

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Some Wedding Planner Comments during a snowy day!

I get a lot of questions from potential clients, current clients, venues, vendors, etc… here are just some of my thoughts that I put on paper on a cold snowy January Day… I am often asked if people ever tell you they wished they had hired a wedding planner after it is too late and why? Absolutely, I hear that all the time, but by then it is too late.  People often think this process is “fun” and easy and truthfully there are some great fun moments but this is hard work.  I have been told by people that, they want

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