Celebrate your July 4th, Summer BBQ!

We recently had a blast with Stephanie Simoni on WTNH Weekend News discussing last minute 4th of July Party Ideas, but know you can take these ideas and put them to use for your summer BBQ so we wanted to share!

When doing a 4th of July celebration, any any summer BBQ, consider your food presentation, and how that may change if you are inside or outside…

The party trends today are simple when it comes to food, miniature versions of your favorite foods are a huge hit! So instead of Hamburgers and Hotdogs, sliders and mini hot dogs, or mini pizza bites, etc. I love to set them in fun to go containers, instead of using full size plates, you want your guests to mingle and have  a great time, so these fun 4th of July containers are a great option! Toothpicks instead of forks and knives and then toss when done! And yes if you are outside think about covering the food to protect them from Flys and Mosquitos, I love using the little table top nets, and keep food COOL in the summer heat, consider using a ice bath under items that must remain cold.

For décor items here are some fun and easy items people can put together quickly, you will see them in our Red, White and Blue, but you can find these items in BOLD Summer Brights or Themes all year long, so have fun!

I love color blocking which simply means using single colors in big ways, for example, Red Paper Lanterns are simple to assemble and can be hung inside or out since they are so light weight. You can hang them out of trees from the ceiling in the house, on the porch or deck, and if you can you can string them together for more drama, add a simple LED light inside and or attach to christmas lights and they work day and night! Of course Red, White and Blue Bunting is as traditional as you can get! Which is great always!

But I also love to add some personal projects you have put together for any celebration:

And this is a project I love and super easy to do!  I went and purchased a simple white banner, you can make this too simple triangles on string or ribbon, I decorated it with red, and blue stars, and here is the super personal touch, I have placed important people that I know that have served in the military, past and present that I want to honor today for helping us to not only gain our freedom but keep us safe and free.  For example, my Grandfather, and as a wedding planner MANY of my clients and colleagues have served, so I have them listed and it is wonderful project to do with your kids to teach them out our military and those directly connected to us that have and continue to serve for our freedom.

 And don’t forget about the kids!

I have made some super fun one of kind Candy jars, I keep my jelly jars when I finsish with them, these have great handles, I have decorated them, and layered, red, white and blue jelly beans in them, the kids can take those and have a personal candy bar, and get little buckets like these and then fill them with kids toys, Crayons, Print off Coloring pages from the internet, and glow sticks! So remember to add pops of color and fun to any party and that CCBL can help you design and produce ANY event, we are here to help! Enjoy!














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