Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Wedding Insurance


First of all, did you know such a thing even existed? Today you can not only get insurance on your wedding, but any type of event! The cost is truly nominal and there are great companies that you already know of and may work with for your home, auto, and business insurance that offer these packages as well! Wedding insurance can help you with a variety of potential complications- here are just a few:


Liability Insurance

Liability insurance can be an optional coverage for property damage, or bodily injury, and personal injuries to third parties at the location of your event. Although it sounds crazy, when people are having “tons of fun” they can trip in high heels, or fall down the steps of the venue at the end of the night, or trip on a purse left by the dance floor – you never know what silly accidents can occur.


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Liquor Liability

I highly recommend this, especially when holding the function at a private home or nontraditional venue, however this is also typically an optional coverage. Usually it can be added to the liability coverage you purchase for an additional fee. Truly, liquor liability coverage is designed to protect you and your immediate family against alcohol-related accidents.

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Cancellation or Postponement

Perhaps your event has to be cancelled or even postponed; wedding insurance for your event can provide coverage for certain deposits listed in the policy. Most often I have had this occur due to family illness or perhaps even death of a close relative and the couple wishes to hold the date for a more appropriate time.


Out of Business or Closed

We have all seen on TV the horror stories when a venue closes suddenly and the couples have simply lost their date and money- wedding insurance can often assist with lost deposits by providing coverage if a vendor goes out of business or declares bankruptcy. You also never know what impact the weather might have on your vendors.

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Here’s a photo of J-Cakes of North Branford, CT, going above and beyond after a winter snow storm, missing NO events or weddings, getting the job done for their clients! Even when venues were closing J-Cakes was relentless in their obligation to get the cakes out safe and sound!



Mother Nature

My favorite reason MOTHER NATURE! When having a tented wedding MOTHER NATURE is always in charge, and sometimes she is in a bad mood- so protect yourself you will be glad you did! Winter Weddings can have snow and ice, and closed airports, summer weddings can have nor’easters and terrible thunderstorms, and their can always be airport closings or power outages, for sure we cannot control “act of god and mother nature.”

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Now remember, I am not an insurance agent, so contact your local agent and ask for advice and go the web and search for “wedding insurance” and you will get connected to some great options! One more piece of advice, remember what is truly important on your wedding day, marrying the person you love!  So no matter what the day throws at you stay calm and focus on the reason you are there, getting married!

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