Why to Hire a Wedding Planner – straight from a 2016 Bride

As a wedding and event planner I am often asked- “Why should I hire you, my venue has a planner!” or “Why should I hire you I am great at DIY projects and plan great parties all the time.”  I have my opinion on this subject but I thought I would share with you some thoughts from a current client. We are in the process of planning her 2016 September Wedding and here is what she had to say about working with a planner/designer.

I am a 2016 bride-to-be and the best decision I have made is hiring a wedding planner/designer. I wanted to share my top 5 reasons for why I believe this to be true. She has made the planning stages much less stressful and made the whole design process fun for me, my fiancé, and our family and friends as well. I cannot stress enough how amazing it has been to bring all of my questions and concerns to her because she makes each “problem” seem minuscule and fixes it before I even have time to freak out!

So here are my – Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner


1. Minimizes Stress

Having a person to handle everything from finding a venue to selecting the perfect linens minimizes the amount of stress a couple already has to endure when planning their own wedding. They can even help prevent arguments or find a solution to them whether it is the couple, the family, or even friends. Less stress equals more fun, which is what a wedding is all about!

Karie Peterson Photography

Karie Peterson Photography


2. Saves Time

You can never imagine how many decisions need to be made in the course of your planning stages. A wedding planner will help narrow down your choices making it a lot faster to make important decisions for anything from your venue down to your party favors. They will even go as far to offer their advice to make the process that much easier for you. I am working a full time job, going to college, and have an internship, when do I have time to make phone calls, email and do online homework looking for vendors? I don’t! But Lisa is here to do all that and then she provides me with manageable tasks to complete and clearly that saves me tons of time!


3. Helps Make Your Dreams a Reality

Whether you are a couple with a $60,000 budget or one with a $10,000 budget, a wedding planner will ensure your ideal wedding becomes a reality. They know all the ins and outs of the wedding business and know exactly who will offer what to make sure you stay within your budget while having every detail executed perfectly! Lisa has been able to take my list of “must haves” and “would like to haves” and “yes we can live without” break down the price on each and allow us to make educated decisions, she doesn’t push us to have a wedding her way, she give us the information and allows us to decide what is truly important to our dream day!

Studio 1923 Photography

Studio 1923 Photography


4. Handles Crisis

At any stage during the planning process a disaster is bound to occur. A wedding planner will remain calm, come up with solutions, and resolve the crisis before you even get the chance to freak out. We are still 6 months away from our big day and trust me this crisis management has already come in handy! Especially when it comes to all the family opinions that we have to consider and then decide how to gracefully decline or lovingly accept the input!

Vicki + Erik Photography

Vicki + Erik Photography 


5. Organizes and Executes Every Stage

From the engagement to the big day, a wedding planner will organize everything from the ceremony to the last dance of the night. They will be behind the scenes making sure everything you asked for comes true and will ensure your big day is one you and your guests will remember forever. Hiring a wedding planner is the best decision you can make when planning your wedding!

A Joyous Moments Photography

A Joyous Moment Photography 


For me I simply couldn’t do this without having a team leader, and Lisa was a great choice for us, she understood our personality, style and time restraints with all we do, and has out best interest at heart. So I highly recommend going forward and finding somebody to help you plan and design your special day, so you can enjoy each and every moment!

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Featured Photo courtasy of Katie Slater Photography



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