What Industry Professionals Say About Hiring A Wedding Planner

We are often asked how we can

enhance your event experience, and one of the ways we do this is by bringing in
the team that is best for your wedding.


To see how wedding planners
can play a role not only in your experience, but the experience of everyone
involved in your special day, we reached out to some of the best professionals
in the industry to get their thoughts.
Here is what they have to say about working with a wedding planner!


When we have a couple who has
meticulous details, has little time for planning, or needs the assurance of
that extra hand to be sure everything is going exactly according to plan, a
wedding planner is a wonderful asset.
Having a point person who knows every detail of the wedding (that isn’t
the bride or groom) alleviates the stress of planning for some couples and
allows them to enjoy the entire process from booking their vendors to saying
“I Do”.  As we approach a
wedding, having a planner as our contact who can answer questions about floor
plans, seating charts, rental deliveries, vendors, etc. is a great line of
communication to be sure come the day of the wedding, everyone is completely  informed and prepared.  Lisa is always a pleasure to work with and
her level of professionalism and attention to detail has resulted in happy
couples, beautiful weddings, and a smooth planning process from start to


of Events

Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate

Working with a wedding
coordinator, such as Lisa from Creative Concepts, is invaluable. From the
beginning stages to your final day, a wedding planner is always by your side.
When we create a vision of your special day, working closely with a wedding
planner insures that no detail is overlooked. Chair Affair always welcomes the
expertise and constant communication which comes with the use of a wedding
planner. In our experience over the last 20 years, not all wedding planners are
created equal. Lisa from Creative Concepts is a step above and we highly
recommend her services.




A wedding planner works as a
liaison between the photographer and the client. If a wedding planner is
involved (especially Lisa) most of the detail and conversations with the client
are handled ahead of time. The wedding planner gets to know the client better
then you can since they are constantly in contact when planning their
wedding.  A good wedding planner will
provide insight as to what the clients want, the vision is for their wedding,
their photography style as well as knowing their family situations or
complications ahead of time. The day of the wedding a good wedding planner will
help assist with making sure everything goes smoothly and stays within the
timeline so that the photographer can just worry about capturing all the
special moments.




A Wedding Planner is
extremely helpful in so many ways.
Generally, wedding planners are very organized and can expedite answers
to questions and payment that might otherwise take several days to complete
working with the bride directly.  Wedding
planners can be a helpful sounding board to bounce ideas off of before
presenting to the bride. 




strong wedding planner helps their clients in so many ways. They help the bride
see the big picture, in other words, help them enjoy the biggest day if their
lives stress free. They help them by setting them up with reliable vendors,
people they have strong working relationships with, safe in the knowledge that
the contracted services will be delivered on time and as promised. They can
pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat on a moment’s notice when a bride sees
something at another wedding they “absolutely must have for my
wedding”. I have worked with many, and I truly appreciate working with a
good wedding planner, and I always hope these brides appreciate when their planner
has made their day special.


John Hines


think the single most useful thing a wedding planner brings to the table, is
the ability to correspond with wedding couples. In today’s world, it is very
hard to spend quality time with a prospective client, and since the client has
already engaged the wedding planner they become a conduit for information. The
other benefit is the increased trust a potential client gains with the
recommendation of a professional that they have hired.




Working with a wedding
planner like Lisa is invaluable in so many ways.  In addition to all the up-front help with
planning, coordination, timelines, and locations, a talented planner can make my
images pop.  For example, Lisa is super
creative and has access to some amazing vendors and resources.  With Lisa’s vision, these professionals have
created some extraordinary backdrops with stunning detail.  My customers love my shots that include the creative
lighting, flowers, decor, furniture, etc.
Lisa helps me and the other vendors deliver more for our clients as a
team than we could ever do on our own.
She also makes the entire day more fun than it could ever be without




Having a planner such as Lisa
makes the event planning process so much smoother and can most often provide
myself as a vendor other resources, new ideas and a helpful perspective. At the
event more skilled helping hands are always an asset.  


In the thick of event season,
nothing is more golden to the ears of a Private Events Manager than a Wedding
Planner advising that they have meticulous details regarding an upcoming
wedding or rehearsal dinner. Through constant communication, the Wedding
Planner truly “gets” the bride and groom’s vision for their entire wedding
celebration, allowing the dining facility to focus and put full effort into
carrying out their dream. It is genuinely a joint effort to guarantee that
their wedding seamlessly proceeds exactly as they imagined – our ultimate goal!


Lauri Makuck
Events Manager


Because a wedding planner is
skilled at vetting the needs and wants of the client, she is able to pair the
couple with photographers that she feels may have similar styles and compatible
personalities, which will lead to a good fit and an overall positive experience.
The planner is organized and detailed; she sets up the initial meeting, ensures
the contracts are signed, and also coordinates the day-of-event photo
list.  During the event she acts as time
keeper to ensure all photo events are covered and the event stays on track




The best way for a wedding
planner to help me with my Brides is by giving me insight into what she really
wants or needs as the wedding planner knows my clients so much better than ever
I will.  I often find my brides have
difficulty articulating what they really want (even with the help of Pinterest)
since a picture on a flat screen can translate completely differently in real
life on your face.




Wedding planners know exactly
which vendors are the best at what they do, who is dependable and who is easy
to work with. I am always honored when Lisa refers me to one of her
clients.  Lisa is efficient, well
organized and I love working with her!
She makes my job so easy!   The
client benefits as well. It’s a “win win” for all when the wedding planner and
the vendor work well together.




A wedding planner helps us in
many ways!  Almost always, the planner
has prior knowledge of the venue and a great understanding of what will and
will not work when it comes to lighting decor.
Before we even discuss the event, the planner has almost always informed
and educated the bride and groom on different lighting techniques and styles to
help enhance their venue, whether your wedding takes place in a tent at a
private residence or in a ballroom in a major city.  This prior education to the B+G helps make
our job of proposing services easier and more efficient, since less time is
needed to explain the details of “what an up-light is” or “how
bistro lights are very sufficient as your main source of light” in a
tent.  The planner also relieves any
stress the B+G may come across when it comes to “talking tech”, i.e.
logistics of setup, power requirements, arrival and setup time, etc…  A couple should not have to worry about this
but should rather be focusing on and enjoying their beautiful day together.




When my clients have a
wedding planner, I find that in the months leading up to the wedding, the lines
of communication are stronger and I’m at ease knowing no stone has gone
unturned in the planning process. On the wedding day itself, I know that my
clients wedding planner is going to make sure that we as photographers and
vendors have the information and time we need to do our jobs, as well as
keeping everything on schedule, creating a stress free environment for the
couple and their guest to enjoy one of the most important days in one’s life.




We find a wedding planner
keeps a bride focused and on track. They give a bride/couple peace of mind so
they can enjoy the process and the day of their wedding. It becomes
overwhelming for a lot of couples trying to think of where to even begin and
having vendors that the planner has worked with several times and knows their
work helps the bride/couple know they won’t have to shop around to several
different vendors in each category.




A wedding coordinator is able
to stay by your side throughout the day and night. They are there to tell you
when things will be occurring throughout the night, such as the cake cutting,
bouquet toss, toasts, etc.  I am unable
to stay by the bride’s side throughout the day and night. Although the I will
do my best to keep you happy, I will not be involved if your bustle breaks,
when it comes time to load up your gifts, or tracking down your lip-gloss.  A wedding planner is able to tend to all of
your needs and be there for all the non-service issues. I will be here for all
your service, food and beverage wants and needs.


of Sales/Marketing


Not only does having a
wedding planner provide peace of mind for our couple by keeping the day on
track and making sure everything goes according to plan, it also helps us to do
our jobs.  When our couple is stress
free, we are enabled to capture them as beautifully as possible.  It’s a win – win!




I can’t thank our industry friends enough for taking the time to explain how a great planner can be a Team Member on your big day! I hope this information shows you, the bride or groom to be, how having me on your side can help make your wedding run more smoothly, and allow your professional vendors to truly focus on their specific jobs and allow you to ENJOY the day!
Happy Weddings!








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