The Little Details Make the Difference!

Let’s face it: planning a wedding can be a lot of work, and
it can be easy to lose sight of the finer details in exchange for a big-picture
mindset.  While it is absolutely
important to know what you want the end result to look like as a whole, at
Creative Concepts by Lisa, we think it is equally as important to pay attention
to the little details that will pull it all together.  Today, we are highlighting three major details
that often get only a little attention, and ways you can highlight them at your


Favors – Favors
are often a last minute thought, typically because couples wait to see what
money is left in their budget before deciding on a gift for their guests.  It is important to spend time thinking about
the practicality of your favor –  you
want something that your guests will be able to enjoy, and not something that you
are going to spend money on that is going to become covered in dust in the back
of a drawer.   We suggest giving edible
items that your guests can enjoy immediately, perhaps specialty chocolates or
pastry from a local company, which can also highlight another local small
business.  One of our favorite small
businesses is Kennedy Kitchens; she has made our clients some wonderful popcorn
treats!  When you give a completely
tangible gift, such as a picture or a glassware, your guests might feel
obligated to show it in their house, whether or not it matches their style or
if they want it out. Additionally, it can be very fun to give out something
that is thematic.  If you have a garden
wedding, you can give people seeds to plant and remember your wedding, small
trees or tiny potted plants. This is a place to truly be creative and have fun
so take time to consider all the options! Of course two of the most popular favors today is the Candy Bar and the Photo Booth! You can personalize these too! Candy bar can be easily created with specific colors and décor to match your theme and even your photo booth stripe can be personalized today! With your personalized scrap book! So have fun!






Printed Materials –
create, edit, order, delivery can take a long time!!! And you want them to be
consistent – do them all with one designer/company.


Welcome notes/itineraries
– just because you know all of the intricacies of
the wedding week/weekend, your out of town guests might not!  Be sure to provide them all the info they
need with a welcome note and their wedding itinerary.


Program, Place Cards, Table Numbers
– almost every wedding these days has a
ceremony program, and every wedding has place cards and table numbers.  These can require a lot of time to create,
edit, order, and have delivered.  You
also want them to be consistent, so it is important to do it all with one
designer.  Since they can take a long
time, you want to be proactive in figuring out your ceremony and in creating a
list of people to invite to your wedding so the RSVP’s can start coming in.


 in order for this to get
done, you need to select your menu in a timely fashion – you also need to
decide if a menu card is necessary – or is it an expense you don’t need. Either
way keep the them or color scheme and font as consistent as you can in order to
maintain the event design.


– include welcome sign, hashtag sign, outdoor pointers to ceremony,
reception etc.  if you don’t think about
them from the start, it can quickly become a week or two before your wedding
until you remember how badly you wanted them, resulting in a last minute
scramble. Make any signs you have part of the overall design elements to keep
your décor and color palate seamless!




drinks –
If specialty drinks are included in your bar package, you should
absolutely go for it and have fun with it!
If a specialty drink will require a kind of alcohol not typically
carried at the bar or not in your ideal bar package, the costs can quickly add
up, and you’ll need to decide if this is an expense worth having.  However, if you do go for it, go for it
100%.  Serve your drink in a fun and
unique glass, and give it a pop – a fun straw, a garnish, a bright color.  And lastly, make sure to name it!  Specialty drinks are not something that you want
to spring on your venue at the last minute – this should be something early on
in the process so they can work with you and make sure it is the best drink
your guests have ever tasted!


End of
night treat (cookie, water) and/or Late night snack stations
– It is
becoming more and more popular these days to give your guests a late night
snack and an end of night treat.  It is
important to think ahead when deciding if you want to do this because it will
definitely affect your budget, and you want to keep it consistent to your
theme.  If you are having a Gatsby themed
wedding, you don’t want a late night fajita station that will ruin the 1920’s
atmosphere, you might instead choose to serve decadent deserts and tea
sandwiches instead.  When your guests are
getting ready to leave at the end of the night, it is incredibly thoughtful to
wish them goodnight with a little goodie on their way out.  This is also helpful if they’ve been drinking
at all throughout the night so they have some food in them before their journey


After all the hard work you have put in to planning your
special day remember to start with your wedding planner and a list of what is important
to you.  This way the tiny elements do
not get forgotten and you have a plan from day one to the BIG DAY! And remember
a wedding planner can take care of all these details for you! Happy Planning!



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