Should you select a holiday weekend for your wedding?




2014 Fourth of July Wedding


When I first started in the Wedding Industry a Holiday
Weekend Wedding as very rare, we didn’t have things like destination weddings, which
require guests to take a long weekend.
Perhaps the most we would see them would be with certain cultures/religions
as they do have specific dates they seek for wedding dates, I have worked
several Jewish Weddings where three day weekends work as they need to marry on
a Sunday night and thus allowing their friends to not work the next day.  However times are changing and so are trends.


When people used to consider a holiday weekend wedding it
used to be strictly taboo, you were taking people away from Family and their
private celebrations, but today with people having extended families with their
friends people are much more forgiving, but it is important to realize the
Holiday has both positive and negative effects on your special day:  


Possible Negatives:


If you are planning a wedding on the holiday this may
affect your overall pricing with your vendors- some charge a Holiday Rate or
Holiday Tax that will increase your bottom line.


Your guests may have to pay higher rates in their
airfare, hotel rates, and car rentals in order to join you on this special day.
Most hotels do not offer room block special rates on holiday weekends, this
affects you and your family too if you are staying overnight!


Guests may already have family plans and not attend the
event, this means lower guest count which could impact your food and beverage




For families that live far apart it allows more time to
celebrate together before and after the “I-DO’s”


Holiday weekends make it much more acceptable to hold the
wedding on a Sunday versus a Saturday, which could cut costs significantly.


Most businesses are closed on major holidays such as
Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day. This means most guests will not
have to take an extra day off and may enjoy the time away from home.

What You Should Consider:

Will you be upset if people do not attend based on the holiday?

Get your save the date and your invitation out early! This will help friends and family to make plans with plenty of time to book flights, hotels and possible rental cars.

You do not have to allow the holiday to dictate your
theme, for example Fourth of July does not mean you have to have a red white
and blue wedding.


Does this affect your budget in a positive or negative


What You Can Do
For Your Guest:


Host a Welcome Dinner the night before for all your
guests, or even a Social Hour to Welcome them to town, this will cut back on
their expenses and allows them to see how great it is they came out on this
holiday weekend.


Create a welcome bag for the hotel complete with local
holiday attractions they may wish to check out.


Host a farewell brunch, again this cuts back on their


In the end all couples need to be happy with the date
they choose regardless of when that will be, there are always going to be positive
and negatives to any potential date, but if you are happy that is the beginning
to a beautiful day for you as a couple and your family and friends!




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