JP Vs. Ordained Minister, what you need to know!

  Photo by Many of my clients come to me to regarding their Wedding Ceremony and they very excitedly announce that “their cousin” or “their uncle” or their “college roommate” will be officiating over their wedding. It is certainly a trend to have somebody you know and love pronounce you “man and wife” on your wedding day.  However, it is very important to know the law in your particular state. In the State of CT it is very clear, if you are Ordained Online – you must be an actual practicing Ordained Minister for a wedding to recognized, in

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Should you select a holiday weekend for your wedding?

      2014 Fourth of July Wedding     When I first started in the Wedding Industry a Holiday Weekend Wedding as very rare, we didn’t have things like destination weddings, which require guests to take a long weekend. Perhaps the most we would see them would be with certain cultures/religions as they do have specific dates they seek for wedding dates, I have worked several Jewish Weddings where three day weekends work as they need to marry on a Sunday night and thus allowing their friends to not work the next day.  However times are changing and so

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