The DIY bride and why you may need a wedding planner…


Congratulations, you have been working so very hard on
your DIY Wedding! You have an amazing Pinterest Board to inspire you, the
wedding has taken over the dining room table and your living room is full of labeled
boxes filled with all your hard work. You have  been making daily trips to the craft store and
the UPS Driver knows you by name. It is all coming together!



So now what? Have you thought about how to execute your
terrific ideas and your design concepts on the wedding day?



Many couples think, “this is no problem I will ask a
friend or family member to be in charge of setting up my DIY
Projects”. But have you considered that, you are asking people you love and trust
to work on the day of your wedding and most often this means missing out on some of the most
wonderful moments, sometimes that is to completely miss your ceremony.
Then, IF the
items are not set out exactly the way you want will you be able to simple step back and enjoy the day, or will want to fix it the minute you walk in the room?
Over my many years working in the events industry I have seen it all, literally, how about a Bride and her Bridesmaids and her Mom the morning of Wedding setting up
a Hall? Often with a Hall you can get in early in the day and go go go. So the bridal party is asked to dig in and get it done, however, a
Venue is sometimes different and will often only allow one to two hours to set up.  So if you are setting up how can a Bride
and Bridesmaids and Mom be getting their hair and make-up done, or their photos taken or be at ceremony location? 
Other DIY Couples will say,
“no worries the venue has a Wedding Planner to do it,” however with
the ever changing wedding industry and with all the DIY projects many venues
are not able to ensure the extra man power and time to do this work on your behalf.  Many locations are even going so far as to place a bullet point in their contracts that they do not have staffing to
completely set all these items up for you, they don’t want to be responsible
for your personal projects, in case anything breaks,  or to be blunt, it is hours
of labor they are not being compensated for so they will not be able to set up
for you.



So this is when couples start to contact me to ask about
my Day of Event Management. At this time I offer what is referred to as Month
of Event Management
, so what is the difference and why is this great for the
DIY Bride?  Day of Event Management is
phasing out, imagine you did a year of crafting and work on your wedding and
you have somebody show up that day with no real knowledge of the event, no
connection to you as a couple, and you say, “here you go, do all the work,
all the important work I have stayed up night after night to make my wedding
perfect”. Really, you can trust somebody with a one day package? I prefer to get to know you and your wedding style and meet with at the venue and help with all the final details, timeline, and execution. My package is 20 hours and the time is YOURS we create a special package to fit your event needs, and ensure the final day is a huge success!



 In short, if you are a DIY Wedding I would highly recommend that you contact me to ask about my Month of Event Management Package, so we can discuss how I can help to make your special day come to fruition.  
Enjoy your DIY Projects, but give me a call to execute the work, relax and be the bride the day of your wedding and allow me to do the labor for you! You deserve it!
In 2014 I worked with a talented DIY Family, the centerpiece per their request was as follows:
Large Piece of Tree Slab
Vase, to be put together day of the event with Leaf, Water and Babies Breath
Small Vase, to be put together with candle
Two, Votive Candles
3 to 5 Hand Made Paper Flowers Per table
3 Signs, 2 with Games about the couple on one side and menu on the other, and one with table name to be inserted on home made stands, made of trees slabs and stanchions
5 Small Golf Pencils for the Games
Light all Candles
That is a lot of steps and we haven’t set a table yet!
In the end the event looked amazing and they were super talented but thankfully realized they needed extra hands to execute the day!
Contact Creative Concepts by Lisa today and mention this blog and find out about our special offer for 2015 open dates!



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