Some Wedding Planner Comments during a snowy day!

I get a lot of questions from potential clients, current clients, venues, vendors, etc… here are just some of my thoughts that I put on paper on a cold snowy January Day…

I am often asked if people ever tell you they wished they
had hired a wedding planner after it is too late and why?

Absolutely, I hear that all the time, but by then it is too late.  People often think this process is “fun” and
easy and truthfully there are some great fun moments but this is hard
work.  I have been told by people that,
they want to handle all the preparations and vendor research, but a good
wedding planner can guide them in this process, allowing them to have their
wedding style shine through without starting the process from scratch and
perhaps, reinventing the Wedding Planning Wheel!

People tell me all the time, “your job must be so much fun!” And it is but…
There are of course fun moments, like the moment you find the
Dress, that you know is the ONE! The engagement photo-shoot when you think –
“This is really happening”! Those moments are great!  However it is never fun  reviewing vendor contracts or keeping track of
payments, or talking to the venue about setting up the tables a specific way,
when this is not “the way they do it”, the phone calls and emails are plentiful
and difficult when you have a full time job or taking classes and can’t do the
work during business hours. Plain and simple, wedding planning takes time, lots
of it.  If you let a wedding planner
handle these details you can concentrate on the fun projects and moments! I remind people planning your wedding with a full time job or grad school classes isn’t really all that fun without somebody by your side.

I am often asked exactly what do I do?                                  
I think the
movie the Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez made it seem like a cool world
with Hundreds of Staffers, and swanky ear pieces, like secret service, so they
can all communicate easily.  I wish!  Wedding planning is not the made for
Hollywood experience you see, ok maybe in LA! We work hard, during the day so
that you have a fun, memorable, seamless event. We run around, and sweat the details for months and then of course most important the day of, so you can be the perfect wedding couple and celebrate.

How do I recommend vendors to you clients?                                                       
I have a wonderful list of preferred
vendors in all types of categories, and this list grows and changes
constantly!   One of two items come up
most when choosing vendors for my clients, Budget, it always comes down to
budget, and personality, will you as a couple CLICK with a vendor, this is
huge!  I want people to focus on meeting
two to three people in each category, knowing we can not only make the cost fit
the budget but since I know the vendors and their style and personality I can
match it to my clients.  However, you
need to trust the wedding planner for this to work, I often have people say,
but I found this other vendor on google, and google is a GREAT tool but we need
to do our homework, especially if your planner has never heard of this person
or worked with them.  

On the day of the Wedding do things ever go
wrong and how do you handle this?             

Look everybody is human and can
make mistakes, and Mother Nature can decide to rear her ugly head during your
wedding. I do all I can to prepare with plan A, B and when possible C! I have
the timeline, the Banquet Event Order, written confirmation from all vendors,
the event is ready to go, but regardless something could go wrong.  It is how you handle these items. Remain
calm, know your clients and how they would want things to be fixed, do it for
them so they can enjoy the day, but if you do need to go to them for their
opinion do so in a calm, and professional manner. You are there to be their
event manager, planner, and professional team leader, but also their best
friend and surrogate family member for the day, you need to make them happy and
allow them to remember this day with positive feelings for always.

Can a wedding
planner can help with costs
Sometimes, but I never PROMISE I can cut the cost, I can’t control the food and
beverage cost, the vendors are allowed to negotiate and I do, but I will not be
disrespectful I work for the couple but I also understand the industry and the
expenses that go along with planning a wedding.  Since I provide many referrals during the year
I like to say my vendors provide me with best price possible for my clients, I
ask them for this always.

Can the
family take care of many of the couples needs the day of a wedding?
is much to do in preparing your special day, so without a planner you either
must ask help from others or handle everything yourselves. Recently I met a DIY
Bride after her wedding, she remarked that two of her family members missed the
church ceremony so they could set up the venue with all her DIY projects, it is
important to note that not all venues will set up your DIY projects for you,
this is time consuming and they do not want to be responsible for putting
together your DIY projects, so again even if you work with a planner for the
final month including day of it is a great idea! Remember if something goes
wrong you don’t want to blame a friend or relative, this could ruin your
relationship for years to come.

What is your closing pitch for hiring a wedding planner?                                                               Wedding
planning is fun but stressful, and when you find the right planner to work with
you they will help to bring your personalities as a couple to life! There are
so many packages and options to the Wedding Planning process I always say let’s
just sit down for the complimentary 1 hour consult and allow me to create your
one of a kind package for your event.
You should enjoy this once in lifetime experience, and if you are
outside the box with a tent, or barn, please don’t go it alone, you have many
details that are easy to forget and that is why I am here!



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